John V Malone

Owner / Auctioneer / Real Estate Appraiser

John Malone was in the retail business from 1985 to 2000. As owner of a national franchise department store from 1994 to 2000, sales climbed from $900,000 a year to over $2.5 million shortly after taking over. Sales increases were directly related to superior customer service. Several awards were won by the store for sales increases and customer service.

John now brings the same philosophy to the Auction Industry, "Take care of your Customers, and they will take care of you!". In 2000, John joined his wife Tasabah in the auction business, and each year, the company continues to grow, largely in part of their great attention to customer service.

Since then, John has obtained a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser License an Arkansas Real Estate License, as well as Auction Licenses in several other states.



Tasabah Taylor Malone CAI, GRI, CES

Owner / Auctioneer

Tasabah (Tazzie) Malone grew up attending auctions with her mother and father. Some of her earliest memories were falling asleep in her dads lap listening to the comfort of an auctioneers chant. Her parents have collected antiques, advertising, pottery, and lots of other " stuff" they found old and intersting all of her life. Tazzie learned from them what unique items were and their values.

In 1995, Tazzie decided to get her auction license as a hobby. The same year, after seeing her name in the newspaper, The City of Paragould asked her to conduct the city auction. WIthout a speaker system, clerking sheets or any auction supplies, the rush was on to gather everything neccessary for a successful sale. Shortly after that, the buzz about the Auctioneer Girl with the funny name began, and the phone started to ring. The hooby turned into a full time job for both Tazzie and John, and they love the business.

Tazzie is a Graduate of Missouri Auction School and has earned her CAI,GRI and GPPA designations.